About Hope Prep

We exist to prepare the remarkable youth of our city to thrive through a rigorous Christ-centered education by fostering radical hope in God.

Our Educational Vision

We seek to make a classical Christian education of the highest quality available and accessible to all families in Kinston, regardless of income. We plan to open with K-2nd, then add a grade each year. There will be 12-15 children per class. A small class size is ideal in the early grades, as students will benefit from the individual attention a small class affords. Students will wear a Hope Prep uniform to school each day.

We are a private, Christian school funded by individual partners, corporations, foundations, churches, and tuition. We are a Kingdom school rooted in God’s Word.


Hope Prep is registered and licensed by the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Instruction. The state monitors our records annually and examines the immunization forms, academic progress, health and fire inspections. We are a member school of the Association of Christian Schools International and plan to work towards accreditation.

Teachers & Staff

Students will daily encounter Christian teachers who model character, grace, and excellence. Teachers will partner with parents to equip students with the tools they need to succeed while demonstrating the love of God. Our teachers are classically trained to ensure each student discovers and employs his God-given gifts and abilities.

Parental Involvement

Parents attend seven mandatory events per academic year: family covenant & tuition conference, parent orientation, teacher home visit once a year, two parent involvement days, and two parent-teacher conferences. We will offer Bible studies for parents to foster the spiritual and emotional growth of families.

Tuition Costs

Tuition is need-based and calculated on a sliding scale. Payments are typically between $50 – $200 per month. This system supports our mission of offering an excellent education, regardless of circumstances. Hope Prep’s goal is for the monthly payment not to create a hardship for the student’s family, while at the same time conveying the value of a private, Christian education. Full tuition is valued at $7,300 per year.