Preparing the remarkable youth of our city to thrive through a rigorous Christ-centered education by fostering radical hope in God.

A Path That Starts with HOPE in God…

Enrollment Open K-3rd Fall 2020

Located in Kinston, North Carolina

“I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

John 10:10


Our Five Distinctives represent a comprehensive approach to closing the achievement gap that takes into account mind, body, soul, and the family.


Christ-Centered Education

At Hope Prep, our hope is God. We are a Kingdom school with a curriculum rooted in God’s Word. Teachers seek to shepherd the hearts of all students in the hope that they will become like Christ.


Discipline and High Expectations

We believe discipline and academic achievement are essential for developing community leaders and unlocking access to opportunity. Our students will study a classical, college prep curriculum including Latin from an early age.


Parental Involvement

Excellence is possible only when parents are actively involved. Teachers, students, and parents will be held accountable in order to achieve educational excellence. We believe God has given parents the primary responsibility for the education of their children.  Parents sign our parent covenant and are required to participate in six events-including a home visit, two Saturday school days, a fair-share tuition conference, and volunteer days.



Excellence requires holding teachers, students, and parents accountable. Our teachers are held to the highest professional and moral standards. We use regular literacy and standardized tests, and older students go to academic support if they do not finish homework. Parents who miss events have two weeks for a make-up, or their child must stay home.



While most Christian schools charge tuition to cover 90% of costs, and raise 10%, at Hope Prep nearly 90% of our costs are covered by generous partners. Family tuition is determined on a sliding scale, and our Partners cover the rest. Partners are individuals, businesses, foundations, and churches.

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Hope Preparatory School is inspired by the pioneering work of Hope Academy in Minneapolis, MN and utilizes the resources graciously published by its partner organization, Spreading Hope.

Five Core Values of Hope Preparatory School


We believe God is the greatest treasure in the universe. Therefore, we provide an education to students where God is loved and glorified as central and supreme in life’s total experience. We are altogether dependent upon God for both the power to be good and do good.

The Bible

We believe the Bible is the inspired, only infallible, authoritative Word of God. Therefore, we thoughtfully integrate its teachings into every part of our community life and instruction.

The Kingdom of God

We believe man’s purpose is to love God and enjoy Him forever. Therefore, we seek out teachers who are, above all, devoted to Christ, as they prepare a new generation of servant leaders who will reflect the values of the Kingdom of God to our city and our culture.

The Love of Christ

Christ’s love compels us to love others. We believe all children deserve the same educational opportunities. Therefore, we joyfully share with those in our midst the resources God has entrusted to us. Philippians 2:3,4


We believe God’s purpose is to reconcile all things in heaven and earth together under Christ. Therefore, we will seek to preserve the unity of the spirit and create a school community that reflects the denominational, cultural, racial, and economic harmony which the Lord desires for the body of Christ.

Remarkable Students

Rigorous Academics

Radical Hope